What Is The Difference Between Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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Civil rights are the rights us citizens have, it entitles us to obtain equal treatment. It authorizes us to be liberating from any inequitable discrimination against anyone. For example, we are free from being discriminated against at our employment by our employers or coworkers due to ethnicity or education. We have the fundamental right to be free from unfair treatment based on religion, gender, race, disability, etc. The civil rights was successfully achieved for African-American who faced trouble in society, however it now applies everyone. There are a wide range of privileges we have and it is promised by the constitution and the amendments and laws which entitles us to liberty. Civil liberties can be defined as the liberty of citizens to utilize the traditional rights such as freedom of speech, the right to privacy and the right to marry. Civil liberties give us freedom from undemocratic government involvement such as denying our guaranteed rights by the Bill of Rights.…show more content…
The difference between civil rights and civil liberties is that civil rights has traditionally revolved around the basic right to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics (race, gender, disability,
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