What Is The Difference Between Cupid And Psychche And Beauty And The Beast

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The origin and inspiration for both the tales of Cupid and Psyche along with “Beauty and the Beast” come from Greek origins. First, we will analyze Cupid and Psyche explaining which archetypes are present. Second, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will go though the same process. Finally, a comparison between the aspects of Cupid and Psyche and “Beauty and the Beast” will be made. The Greek archetypes within two stories will be analyzed then compared to each other. Most know of the god of Love, Cupid. However, many may not know the tale of Cupid and Psyche. To being, there are three main characters with the addition of Psyche’s sisters who appear near the beginning of the tale. Venus is Cupid’s mother, she fits the archetype of the wicked witch since she attempts to doom Psyche with a terrible, hideous husband. Cupid is best explained as the hero since near the end of the tale, he saves Psyche. As far as Psyche, in the beginning, she is a ingenue but later becomes a maiden to prove her worth to Venus. Finally, Psyche’s sisters would be villains since in their jealousy, they convince Psyche to almost murder Cupid. As far as the story line or situations, four main situations would be ‘the quest’ of Cupid to doom Psyche’s love life which causes a ‘star-crossed lover’ since Cupid’s mother sent him out of envy but he falls in love with Psyche. Afterwards, there is an ‘unrequited love’ due to the sisters’ words to Psyche which then leads to a ‘test or tasks’ for Psyche for Venus.
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