What Is The Difference Between Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Women's Rights

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a very confident, determined, and fearless woman. While many people opposed equal rights for women and abolishing slavery, she supported these things.(11) Her being a woman who was also an abolitionist and women’s rights activist in the 19th century was a dangerous and frustrating task. However, she continued to try and make a difference in society by fighting for these changes. Clearly, Elizabeth Stanton had to be confident to speak to crowds and to publish books with very bold ideas that supported women. During the 1870s, she traveled around the United States speaking to large crowds. The lecture she often delivered was her “Our Girls” speech, which was about the importance of education for young girls and promoted equality for women. Confidence was also displayed by her when she spoke in front of three hundred people and read the Declaration of Sentiments at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. Angered by the Bible’s statements about women serving men, she wrote “The Woman’s Bible”.(7) This book challenged the biblical scripture from a woman’s standpoint. Stanton had to be very confident about her viewpoints to be daring enough to publish this story, considering the large amount of Christians who could be upset because she was…show more content…
Firstly, in 1840, she went to the Anti-Slavery Convention in London, and continued to fight for the abolishment of slavery for nearly thirty more years. In addition, Stanton hosted and attended many women’s rights events, including the Seneca Falls Convention, for decades trying to provoke change. The last part of her life that proved her determination was when after her brother died. Her father continued to tell her that he wished she was a boy, to fill the shoes of her brother. After she had been told this countless times, she continued to try to be like him to please her
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