What Is The Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research Design

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Q No# 1 Summary of comparing and contrast between quantitative and qualitative research design.

Defining Qualitative are dynamic they change because situations are not static and they having multiple realities, none of which is more valid or true than another. The purpose of qualitative methodology is to explain and get insight and understanding or description. By cautious and extreme literature review and data collection, which create hypotheses assumptions and the hypotheses are tested such inductive inferences develop while in contrast quantitative research methodology prevent relatively change in situation and events and it is depend on single reality which researcher ensure generalization and understanding. The aim of quantitative methodology in research is to predict the situation or event. By the statistical testing of variables, whether they have correlation or not this is focused on numerical data such hypotheses are tested and develop deductive conclusion of the situation and event.
With respect to inquiry approach a qualitative inductive research approach which namely is value-laden (subjective) this is focused on process in contrast quantitative is deductive approach, value-free (objective) this is focused on outcomes.
Hypotheses: In qualitative methodology research design is tentative and repeated it is allowed to work continuously on the particular social phenomena for further understanding of hypotheses or "theories" a social phenomena can "appear" from the

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