What Is The Difference Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution were both recognized and followed by the same group of people. Even though the same group of people followed these two documents, these documents are very different. One example is the writing style of each document. The Articles of Confederation were repetitive, less direct and less certified for quoting than the Constitution. The two documents have a different approach towards the type of government and its control over the matters. The Articles of Confederation were developed in 1781 and were established as a first constitution of the United States of America. The document had stated to provide protection against the cruel and unlawful act of ruling the American colonies by the Britain government that was led by the British King George III (Apecsec.org, 2014). Under these articles, the states continued to be self-governed and independent. Congress only stepped in as the last resort on appeal of conflicts. The motivation behind the central government laid in wartime urgency. There was a need for foreign acceptance and assistance, and the growth of national feeling. Under the Articles of Confederation, the government was not able to keep up with the collection of taxes. This ultimately left them with large amounts of debt and left them not being…show more content…
The Constitution however proposes that the country should have a dual legislature which means that the country should have all authority in the hands of the federal government. The founding fathers wanted the states to operate together for the country as a whole but at the same time they wanted them to expand and establish themselves as separate entities. However, both the founding documents have a sense to promote independence of the states but also allow them to function together for the mutual protection of the
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