Tex And The Outsiders Character Analysis

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The dynamic between the two brothers is quite interesting since they seem at first not to have a lot in common. Their behavior and actions demonstrate perfectly the differences between the two brothers. One could underline the fact that the dynamic between the two brothers is different from what we previously seen in Tex or The Outsiders because Peter and Edmund have two sisters. Edmund does not seem to accept the changes occurring during his stay in the Professor’s house. He does not recognize the leadership of Peter or Susan. He considers Peter as a rival and is often in conflict with him. He is struggling with Susan, who has appropriated herself the role of mother, Edmund regularly argues with his older siblings since he does not take into consideration their opinion. The only person he ranks himself above is …show more content…

The only reason Edmund finds himself in Narnia is because he followed his little sister who went into the wardrobe. His goal was not to find a place to hide, but only to tease her, which shows how spiteful Edmund can be. When he finally enters into the world of Narnia, he does not feel guilty for making fun of his sister, but blames her for leaving him on his own in this new world. He does not take responsibilities for his actions and he is happy to blame anyone but himself. He shows arrogance and pride. The narrator points out that he hated being wrong, but still tries to reach out to his sister. When Lucy does not answer, he unfairly imagines her “sulking somewhere” One his way back, he meets Lucy and he only tells her that he had been looking for her instead of apologizing. He does not genuinely ask for forgiveness. When Lucy tells Edmund that the White Witch is evil and untrustworthy, he disregards her opinion and convinces himself that she is

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