What Is The Dramatic Irony In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord Of The Flies Jaedyn Clavelle Per 3 Lit comp 1. Imagine you're on an Island stranded, filled with fear trying to survive. Do you feel you could stay calm and handle it in way an “adult” would or could the fear bring out the inner beast which hides deep down inside all of us. The novella Lord of The Flies by George Orwell, tells a story about a group of british boys who crash a plane on an inhabited island. These kids have to work together with the help of a leader to govern themselves yet they find the results to be disastrous. This novella implements a lot of irony and symbolism throughout the entire work. Lord of The Flies shows many examples of irony. One example is when the boys think the dead pilot is the” Beastie”, which is the imaginary monster that all the kids fear. This is clear to the reader that the pilot is not “beastie” making this dramatic Irony. Another example is when Simon finds out there is no beastie and runs to the other boys on the island . As he is running to the boys he is mistaken for the beastie by the boys and murdered. The reader knows that Simon is not the…show more content…
When Ralph declares Jack the head of hunters, Jack takes this power to another level of jealousy and greed and becomes savage. After he kills his first pig he puts blood on his face and creates a mask. Jack's hunters immediately follow his footsteps creating what appears to be an army with Jack as the general. Having an army eventually leads to having a war which happens towards the end of the book. This represents a futuristic nuclear war which is happening while the boys are stranded on the island. Another example is how the beautiful island represents the Garden of Eden or a paradise and how this paradise was not appreciated and so easily turned to the opposite of what this island was meant for. Instead the boys were ruined from this island when instead the island could of been a
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