Causes And Effect Of Bullying Essay

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People get bullied because they are not pretty enough, aren’t skinny enough or etc. that can hurt them so much. These are the effects of being bullied. Being bullied can cause many and long-lasting effect to a victim. First is that the victim will be suffering from deep depression because they were thinking too much on why other people are bullying them or maybe because they were thinking that they are very different from others. Second is fear. They don’t want socializing with other people, they will be afraid on being alone specially when they are walking around with no one else they don’t want to go to school because they are thinking that they might be bullied again. Third, they will be suffering from loneliness. They will be spending most of their time…show more content…
Those are not just words but a tool to build a world without bullying. You chose your actions, you chose your words and that is a choice not a mistake. It is not a mistake to tease someone. It is not a mistake to underestimate someone. It’s a lot bigger than a mistake. People think that bullying is tough, it’s not tough. Being tough is going back to the people you tease and say sorry. Every rude comment that you get from others, every person that tries to hurt you, personally or through internet I just want you to forgive them. Cause they don’t even know who you are. Do not limit yourselves because of what others expect. We all deserve more than we think, believe in yourselves. One of my favorite songs “Born this way” by Lady Gaga has a quote that I really pay attention to because it means a lot. “No matter gay, straight or bi. Lesbian, transgendered life. I’m on the right track, I was born to survive. No matter black, white or beige. Chola or orient made. I’m on the right track, I was born to be brave” these part of the song summarizes that even though you’re different from others it is okay and that you are part of these world no matter
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