What Is The Evolution Of Fashion In The 1950s

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The fashion of 1950s The fashion around the middle of the 1950s
Did 1950’s fashion history really gave a huge effect to the modern fashion? The answer of this question is quite obviously yes. The fashion of 1950s has influenced a lot to the fashion development. During 1950s, there were lots and lots happening to the fashions due to the end of WW2, baby boom, and two famous fashionista and this gave a various effect to the fashions now. The 1950s took a huge change, especially for women.
As the WW2 ended in the mid-1940s, the baby boom started. This gave an effect to mid-1950s, as there were outstanding number of teenagers and the teenage clothes came out. In addition, the number teenagers influenced the fashion trends since the biggest trend targeted towards teenager and suddenly whole departments and catalog sections were targeting teenagers and young adults. The teenagers started to earn moneys to do shopping and the teenage culture and clothing became large part of media. Many formal clothes came out for teenagers to wear at school dances and proms. If this development of teenage fashion did not happened in 1950s, the teenage fashion now might have been same as adult fashion. (Fashion through the decades, n.d.) The baby boom surly gave a lot of impact to the fashions now.
Christian Dior and Chanel were one of the most famous fashionista during 1950s. As they were very famous, they gave a vast effect on the fashion history. Coco Chanel, started working again at the

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