What Is The Fault In Our Stars Essay

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• The fault in our stars, a novel by John Green published in New York:Dutton Books in 2012 edition exclusive collectors. The different topic of this book are Cancer in adolescence, Terminally Ill, Love young women conduct of life, Friendship, Physicians, Youth, and Cancer. John Green is the author of the book he is a recent popular name in the American Young Adult Fiction, he also a video blogger who has published numerous educational videos online. John Michael Green was born on August 24 1977 to Mike and Sydney Green in Indianapolis. He earned double graduation degrees in English and Religious Studies form Kenyon College. He worked as a student choplain after graduation in Children Hospital when the time he spent among childrean with terminal illness stimulated him to become a Writer. So that, The Fault In Our Stars is considered to be his Outstanding by far along with other notables. The Fault in Our Stars tells us a story about a teenage couple suffering from cancer. John Green inspired him to write The Fault in Our Stars because of his friend Esther who died from cancer. He also wanted to write it because he feels the cancer is something isn’t understood. There were a lot of things that inspired him to write it and then he just put that all in a story. The Book is interesting to read. The
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Because Hazel do all she can to survive in her illness and also her friends. The authors point of view “without pain how could we know the joy?” this is all about of two people who suffering from cancer that will be issue as known for some people. I will recommend it to other people because it is full of knowledge that gives you hope to fight what you have. Person’s be engaging to read this book are the people who have illness same with the story in this book to be able to give hope and to inspire them because The Fault in Our Stars is an inspirational
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