What Is The Femme Fatale In Film Noir

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Film noir was rooted in a specific period of time during the 1940s and 1950’s after the great depression and post-war. Directors created a plot, which concentrated on cynical attitudes and sexual motivation. Many of theses films were low-budget movies made by upcoming directors. They used low-key lighting to focus on the scene because the set was not very nice. It was usually in block apartments or back alleys. Also, the low-key lighting was used to emphasize on the shadows and the faces of characters. The shadows were used to create a darkness and mystery leaving the viewers unsure whether it 's another person watching or something bad is going to occur generating a sense of unknown fear. Many of the film noir movies have similar genres such…show more content…
Gilda is caught up in a love triangle between her husband and his employer. The film focuses on the weakness of males, which is money and women. The appearance of the Femme fatale is very important because with her beauty she is able to seduce her way into a man’s life. As mentioned by Winfried Fluck, "The power (and hold) of the femme fatale over the main character derives from the fact that she is an imaginary construct, so that an important part of the suspense derives from the question whether and how the main character will be able to liberate himself from the hold of his own imaginary" which means the woman are seen as an object that can destroy a man 's life because they hold all the power within their hand, they 're able to seduce him. Even though I do not think Gilda manipulates the men to get what’s she wants but rather she is has a lost soul, who pushes everyone out of her life because she does not know what she exactly wants. Gilda is portrayed as the typical "Femme Fatal" who is sexy and dangerous wears red lipstick, mascara, floppy hats, fur coats, smokes cigarettes and loves creating danger. When she first appears on the screen pulling her hair back that exudes an innocent sexuality. Also the film holds another elements of film noir how the seduction of woman can lead to

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