What Is The Feud In Romeo And Juliet

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People Do What the Leaders Let Them Do

Not many family feuds have been as prominent as the one with the Capulets and the Montagues. Their hatred is shared by all of their own households, even their servants. Romeo and Juliet’s death can be retraced to this feud, but is their someone else that is worthy of being punished ? In the renowned play Romeo and Juliet the cause of their grief and death may be led to the Prince or their family feud. This is important because it shows how the Prince doesn’t strongly intervene against the fighting and make an alliance possible between Romeo and Juliet.
The Prince is the highest authority in Verona, he even has the power to banish or kill. But, he tries to leave the city alone and lets the two richest families feud over something that they probably even don’t remember. The whole town knew of the feud and it wouldn’t have been too hard to get Capulet and Montague in a room and discuss a negotiation. The Prince had said as he gave his ultimatum, “By thee, old Capulet and Montague, Have thrice disturbed the quiet of our streets”(Act 1 Scene 1) Throughout these three times the Prince should have anticipated the outcomes of a major feud against the highest classified families. In many ways the Prince is to blame for his
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They were unwilling to follow the orders even after the ultimatum. They continued to fight, even if this is a majority of Tybalt’s fault. Lord Capulet should have kept an eye on him and never have let him leave the house. If this would’ve happened a large series of conflicts could’ve been avoided along with many deaths. The lack of cooperation between the government and its highest citizens reflects another lack of cooperation between Romeo and Juliet with their parents. They were unwilling to listen to their parents because they were too passionate in love just like the Capulets and Montagues were too passionate in the
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