The Five Orange Pips Short Story

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One of the short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Five Orange Pips”, is one of the the most memorable stories. The stories draws everyone in that reads it. The mystery goes unsolved, because the client of Sherlock Holmes dies before Holmes can discover the killer. Doyle uses Sherlock Holmes’ intelligence, fearful, and resolved nature, and the Openshaw family in order to show show how hard it is to fight against terrorism and vengeance. The short story “The Five Orange Pips” was first introduced to the public as the fifth . story in a twelve work series. The stories follow a crime- fighting sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Doyle published these short stories in a magazine during 1891. Little did he know that even after 125 years, his detective would still be read by millions. Sherlock Holmes was ,in no way, expected to be the most intriguing, complicated, and also manipulated character in history ( Sherlock Holmes
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The time he spent in the army also led him to join the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization made up of confederate men. John Openshaw apprehended important documents and took them with him to live his new life. He kept the papers in a locked attic within a locked box, marked with the letters K.K.K. Little did Elias know, because he possessed these papers, his whole family would suffer the same fate as he. Elias Openshaw was a colonel in the confederate army and had some extensive participation in the Ku Klux Klan. Each branch of the organization has different methods of warnings, and in Elias’ case, the five orange pips. Elias has told John [ his nephew] the seeds mean death. After Elias tells John, he retires to his room and leaves his nephew at the table with a heart raging fear (Doyle 2). Elias knows his enevenable future. He knows he is going to
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