What Is The Historical Injustice In Huck Finn

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Injustices continue throughout the world and for decades slavery was one of the historical injustices in America.. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain introduces a young, savvy boy, Huck, who questions the practice of slavery among a society full of brainwashed adults. Huck does not want to be civilized so he covers his tracks escaping the adults in his life, and befriends a runaway slave named Jim. Jim flees from his owner, Miss Watson, because he worries she is going to sell him. Jim and Huck share their stories and develop an interesting relationship during their adventures. Twain presents Huck’s moral challenges throughout his adventures with a runaway slave to display a non-racist view during a time of slavery. In the midst of the novel, moments of the ingrained racism Huck has in this time of slavery shine through, yet frame Huck as the least racist character in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck agonizes over his decision to help Jim escape slavery and grows increasingly conflicted as his friendship with Jim grows and flourishes. While they are traveling, Jim explains to Huck his plans for when he is finally a free man. Jim’s statements trouble Huck and he ponders over his decision of helping Jim escape slavery. As they reach the town of Cairo, Huck meets men who offer to help and check his canoe for runaway slaves. Rather than giving Jim up, Huck lies to the men about Jim. Afterwards, Huck reflects on his decision, “They went off, and I got aboard the
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