What Is The Holocaust Informative Essay

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Holocaust Definition: The Holocaust was an event some people call ‘Hell on Earth’. It was a time where very few people were safe. The Holocaust started when Hitler gained power in Germany in 1941 and led the Nazis in a mass murder. One by one the Nazis tried to clear out the population of not only Jewish people, but also the mentally and physically disabled, gypsies, and homosexuals; more than 6 million people were killed. It was a time where you were told how you should act and what you should believe and if you chose to be different you were tortured and killed (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Significance: This was an important event because the holocaust altered the population in Europe due the millions of people who died. Most of those…show more content…
It very a very important structure to all Egyptians. It is believed that the pyramid was originally built for the tomb of Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu, but it was used for other things (Ancient History). Ancient Egyptians also would go to the pyramids to worship their gods and make sacrifices (Aztec History). When The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed, it was built to also enclose the tombs and the belongings of the dead. By examining the ancient artifacts historians have been able to see what the Egyptians found important and necessary to have with them in the afterlife. The egyptians had felt that whatever was buried with, in, or around their tomb would be brought with them when they died. Historians can also learn from the paintings on the walls of the Pyramid which describe the deceased person 's life. This is important because it helps us understand how the Egyptians lived a long time ago (Primary…show more content…
He was the youngest of seven children and his mother was a teacher. Thomas Edison helped invent over 1000 inventions, some of which include the camera and the microphone, but Edison’s largest success in life was the recreation of the light bulb, in 1879 when he discovered that a carbon filament inside an oxygen-free bulb could glow (Science for Kids). Significance: The most obvious significance of the recreation of the electric light bulb is that people now had easy access to a light to use after the sun went down. This significantly changed the way many people lived. People were able to stay at work longer and thusly be paid more and they were able do things easier than if they were just using a candle or oil lamp. The light bulb was also safer because it wouldn’t start fires. Light bulbs didn’t blow out or didn’t run out of oil and you didn’t have to keep refilling or replacing them. The light bulb also came along with the other electric things becoming more common to households. It began to increase the importance of electricity to spread to places and the electricity in general because very important. By the time Edison died in 1931 entire cities were lit up and all were using the same light bulb made possible by
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