What Is The Impact Of Culture On African American Culture

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In the book “The American School” written by Joel Spring there was a lot of talk about the influences of other cultures who impacted the United States. The popular minority cultures talked about in this book are the African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and the Naïve Americans. They all had historical events that impacted their culture. They are were faced with challenges and obstacle’s they had to overcome. Each of these cultures brings a negative and positive aspect to the American culture. They all gave us something to learn from and they gave us something to enrich our American Culture. The African American culture had a really big impact with historical events, challenges and obstacles and things the American Culture can learn from them. If the African Americans were never brought over to the United States things would be a lot different here. In the 18th century the plantation system had a big impact on the enslaved Africans. The plantation system began to spread through the tobacco-growing regions of the Chesapeake area. The rice growing regions were in the Carolinas and the cotton fields were…show more content…
We have learned to fight and stick up for what you believe in. Don’t let other people push and bully you to believe in something you don’t believe in. After the fight for Civil rights was awarded it gave women the courage to fight for equal rights. They fought long and hard just like the African Americans did. During this time period it gave us great leaders like Martin Luther king, Jr. He was known for being a leader in the African-American civil rights movement with his role as the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. This movement also taught us that it is wrong to treat people like the African Americans were treated. No one or no race should ever be treated this way and no one should have to undergo the abuse they
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