What Is The Impact Of Literature In The Victorian Age

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Abstract: The research aims on classification and defining Victorian age from both the social and literary points of view. Prejudiced means the biasness towards individual’s ideology, beliefs, norms, values, gender, nationality etc. The ideology that motivates ones also motivate his or her thoughts, writing and social norms are built on it. This process is very natural in human nature to become biased through the surroundings and it is presented in human from the beginning not only from Victorian age. Though biasness is presented in all the period in the fields of art, literature, architecture, a rapid change comes in the Victorian age that was influenced by politics, religion, beliefs, myth and society. The changing social condition after the end of Romantic Age draws the reflection in literature also. This research will analyze the prejudicial condition of Victorian age that brought the prominent writers through there writings. The common people faced more the changes in this time of Industrial revolution. The research’s aim is to study human’s natural response towards biasness and how the cognitive dissonance occurs. To complete the research, theories and information will be generated to analyze the fact. The research will follow qualitative method to formulate the information for the research topic. “Prejudiced Literature in Victorian Age” Introduction: Industrial revolution first take place in Victorian age
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