What Is The Impact Of Technology In Society

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The impact and role that technology has in American society is ever evolving. Technology can be defined as applying knowledge to figure a way to meet human needs and wants. Many technologies have been used to alter the United States culturally and economically. Technologies like trench warfare, weapon advancements, the steel industry, electricity, the assembly line, parks, and radios have all played their role in impacting and altering American culture and bringing it up as a world power.
Trench warfare is a form of combat where opposing sides build trenches and stop each other from gaining advancements. In between the opposing trenches lies, what soldiers coined, “No Man’s Land,” and it is filled with barbed wire and corpses. Using this stagnant war tactic allows nobody to win. Neither side gains any real advancements and it just causes a large number of deaths. During this time, the Spanish flu is going around and killing more people than the actual war. The constant close quarters of the soldiers, along with the contaminated water, allowed the flu to spread quickly through the trenches. Along with the unintentional biological warfare, there were also advancements in weapons like mustard gas. Mustard gas comes in a canister and its thrown into the opposing sides trench, the gas inside is released and liquifies the lungs. They had gas masks, but even when they did get it on it time, there were lifelong ailments like blindness and respiratory problems. While all this

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