What Is The Importance Of Academic Performance

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1.0 Background to the Study
Academic performance is the outcome of students’ effort in examinations. Students’ academic performance is determined by a number of factors (Eze et al. 2016). Academic performance is measured by the average marks of the previous semesters and the total average marks. The determining factors of student performance have attracted the attention of academic researchers from many areas. They have tried to determine which variables impact student performance in positive and negative direction. Research studies about this subject have been conducted by various academicians in various countries and areas (Garkaza et al. 2011; Tailab 2013; Sugahara and Boland 2014; Steenkamp and Baard 2009 Cheung and Kan, 2002; Kruck and Lending, 2003). The academic performance of students reflects on their ability to demonstrate the knowledge they have learnt in tests, quizzes, presentations and final examination (Barkley, 2004). The importance of students’ performance is not only evident to the students but also to the universities as it is a measure the success of their education process. Studies in the education literature have examined the factors that may influence students’ performance that include physical facilities and qualified educators, students’ attitudes, aspirations and self-awareness (Hijazi and Naqvi 2006; Garkaza et al. 2011; Cosmas et al. 2013; Al-Hadrami and Morris 2014).

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