What Is The Importance Of Adventure Tourism

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INTRODUCTION In this world people tend to be really busy and sometimes needs to relax just by having a vacation. Most of the people needs some type of fun, excitement and rush n their lives. The tourists demand for something adventurous these days so, why not go for adventure backpacking tours. Adventure backpacking tours (ABT) is going to be a small scale partnership by some friends who thinks that something like this will be famous and most people will be interested. It can also have a more profitable response in future as these days most of the people are getting attracted to adventurous things. The reason for choosing some scale partnership is that ABT is new and is only able to pull in a less amount of capital. The ABT looks forward in expanding the business after a while with gained profits. India is a large country and has various beautiful destinations. From all manali has been one of the main destinations that attract adventure tourists. One of the best things about the Manali region is the natural mountain environment, and no better to get amongst it than walking. From a day walk in the forests up behind Manali, to an extended trek into the high alpine wilderness regions, there is no better way to experience the wonder of this natural wonderland. The location chosen by ABT will be Jogini waterfall. This is a beautiful and natural waterfall that is located in the outskirts of Manali, in Bahang. This area around the waterfall is magical, evergreen and has paths

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