Importance Of Chemistry In The Modern World

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Importance of Chemistry in the Modern World

Chemistry: the study of the properties, composition, and transformation of matter.
The modern human experience places a large emphasis upon the material world. From the day of our birth to the day we die, we are frequently preoccupied with the world around us. Whether struggling to feed ourselves, occupying ourselves with modern inventions, interacting with other people or animals, or simply meditating on the air we breathe, our attention is focused on different aspects of the material world. In fact only a handful of disciplines certain subsets of religion, philosophy, and abstract math can be considered completely unrelated to the material world. Everything else is somehow related to chemistry,
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Final evaluation of the course
Activity Weight
First partial 30% 60%
Second partial 30%
Final period Individual and collaborative activities 2%
3rd midterm exam 2% final project 6% 10%
Final exam 30% 30%
Total 100%

Evaluation breakdown per partial:
First Partial Evaluation
Activity Weight
Individual and Collaborative learning activities 15% 37%
Lab Activities 17%
Lab Review 5%
Midterm Exam 20%

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