What Is The Importance Of Culture Essay

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The word culture has many ramifications, connotations and meanings. Culture encompasses every facet of our life, and in its process of evolution, biologists, anthropologists, sociologists, have contributed their ideas. So we find the influence I literature, music, art, food, human behavior and organizational practices. The word ‘culture’ has two meanings. One is ‘civilization’, the refinement of the mind, encompassing such things as literature and the arts, and the other one I “mindset” through which people behave, think and do.
Culture is a bond that ties the people with the organization and, in the process, brings them together to pursue common goals and objectives. There are some elements which we need to keep in mind about culture i.e. communication, cultivated behavior, learned and accumulated experience, values, norms and many more.
In today’s market scenario, it has become crucial to understand the importance of culture. Doing business abroad without mapping the culture may ultimately defeat the purpose of the organizations. Today’s managers need to be trained on multi culture perspectives, not only to effectively interact with the cross-border customers and suppliers, but also with their own employees, who will now be in increased numbers from different cultures of origin.
Culture plays extremely important role in the
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Organization – wise, culture also varies. Some organizations believe in open culture. For example, Zomato which gives whole lot of services & facilities to their employees. They have a separate area for people who want to smoke, drink, pubbing, and jimmying, even separate day for wearing casuals and rest all those things which people can enjoy. Wherein if we talk about IT industry they do keep closed cabins, they communicate with all sections of employees, and highly restricted about their data or

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