What Is The Importance Of Diversity In Hindu Culture

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I am born from age to age - Diversity - The Pride of Hindu Dharma Hinduism as a way of living our religion is beautiful which is based on the diversity that interlinks social fabric, culture, language, customs, rituals, belief systems, astrology, art and science. Indian society is very diversified and one of the still thriving great social formations of the world. This is a beautiful subject for social scientists and reformers to study on a deep basis. This fabric should not be lost in any kind of monotheist kinds as their scope is very limited and flat. It has to be noted that many major cultures got vanished by the surge of major religions in many parts of the world. Hindu culture is still intact due to its naturalness and social depth. Now, those lost cultures of the world can only be studied through books, comics and fairy tales. You may find a Hindus way of living as a religion is ridiculous, but we have our own lifestyle to live close to the nature and be with the meanings of religiousness. We are still the masters of the diversity, great philosophy and all that is culturally in the world. In India, the majority of Hindus lived with shortcomings of many kinds very happily throughout, as simplicity is the base of its culture. This is very evident when we see its countryside, temples that are very old and primitive. Hindus lived a contented life, learned the art of living from these serene backgrounds of life. Needless to say this feature has been easily manipulated due

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