Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Education

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An education is what makes the difference between someone living day by day and someone who is living to make a difference in both their own lives and the world. This is what makes education important, especially to me. As someone who dropped out of high school four months before graduation due to a struggle with P.T.S.D that caused my grades to drop drastically and my coinciding homelessness. Education is particularly important to me because I dropped out of high school, I was homeless, and because I believe a caring and amazing teacher can change a student 's life and future forever.

My education has unwaveringly been of tremendous important to me, I loved learning and art from a young age. An education is one of scarcely few things no
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Homelessness made high school difficult and for a while, I lost all hope for future worthwhile. I was homeless and on my own, I had to shower in park sinks because either I was 17 and wasn’t allowed in homeless shelters or the walk was too far either way. The women in my family especially have a history of sporadic homelessness, my mother and I lived in her car, driving around Miami avoiding my biological father, until I was 3 years old. She was homeless for a while when she was 19 as well, she even dropped out of high school. My grandmother was on her own at 14, being kicked out of her house by her abusive mother, and managed to stay in school and graduate. When she was 18 she bought a house to raise her siblings and later in her late 20 's she was homeless again. Her husband abused her and she escaped with her young son to live in their van. My experience and those of the women I admire so much, showed me my education will open my life to opportunity and a life of sustainability. I decided I didn’t want to be homeless, struggling to live day by day, or dependent on anyone ever again to have a home or security. An education will allow me to surpass my family 's history and make them proud with my own personal

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