What Is The Importance Of Education In School

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By definition, Education is type of learning in which the knowledge and skills, and developed through teaching, training, or research. As Nelson Mandela said:” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. “But nowadays, does our educational system educate us, or something else? That “something else” is what we generally call schooling. Schooling is (as they want us to believe) education, but at its lowest and stupidest level. They appear to be the same thing, but in fact they have different meanings and outcomes.
Schooling is what modern school applies on students. Indeed, schooling is all about making young people slaves who will lead the world in the future in a very planned and structured way. Governments
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‘Do we really need schooling six classes a day, five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve years. Is this deadly routine really necessary? And if so for what?’ (Weapons of Mass Instruction- John Taylor Gatto (page 15) ). John Taylor Gatto is a very different kind of educator. In his “THE SEVEN-LESSON SCHOOLTEACHER”, he talks about schooling and the way normal teachers are taught to teach. Confusion is the first lesson he talks about. He admits that in modern schools, everything is taught out of context, without following the children interests. He also talks about the importance of class position; he says that every student should be assigned to a specific class with people with the same age and also that the grades reflect the level of the students (which is totally illogical). Teachers also teach students to be indifferent to everything that nothing is worth to spend time on. He also claims that school demolishes the self-esteem on the young students because they think that their esteem depends on the judgment and opinion of the instructor, and that their level is reflected by their work and grades. Also, he says that students can’t have their personal and private world because they are always on a continuous surveillance at home via homework and…show more content…
As conditions continue to crumble, parents, teachers and student s have become hopeless and demoralized. Moroccan schools are run by unskilled, unprofessional and unmotivated faculty who are just seeking for money. Their main purpose is to gain money in the most dishonest way possible without even thinking about the future of the children. Those poor students pass from a grade to another without mastering the basic skills that a normal student should have. Moroccan students do not master efficiently at least one language. Lessons are explained without following a simple theory and without even performing some experiences and activities so that it becomes concrete for the student to understand. Some students in some public schools are unable to read a short text in a foreign language without the help of the teacher. This disappointing situation should change as fast as possible because Moroccan students are victims of a corrupted, unprofessional and careless educational
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