What Is The Importance Of Education In Education?

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Happiness is the single hardest emotion to define. It varies from person to person, is affected by many different things, however it is generally accepted that it is “a holistic view of a person’s well-being”. While our society encourages the search for happiness and well being throughout our lives, under our current education system we do not set ourselves up for success. Instead of teaching happiness and encouraging well-being from a young age, we stress the importance of grades, bury children in work while expecting them to maintain a social life and taking part in sports. This in combination with the lack of support teens have to deal with in and out of school issues has had disastrous; depression and anxiety in teens is growing every year, kids are more stressed about grades at an earlier age. The biggest issue our education system faces is the pressure created by rankings, standardization of education and our need to succeed. From a young age children are exposed to a scrupulous ranking system, being placed in advanced classes or extra help classes. This destroys the ability of children to improve themselves, as it makes it impossible for children to overcome their struggles naturally, and hinder them for rest of their education. In Finland for example, children who struggle are given extra help, however they are not separated from their classmates and there are no advanced classes, everyone works together so as to limit the creation of a gap between the students that
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