What Is The Importance Of Education Essay

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How Important the education is? What is the purpose of education in our life or how important it is? First of all education is so important in our life especially in our world. One of the philosopher say “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change world” and in that quote I believe in what he say. Because education is the only way or tool to change the world and education is the one that lead us to the better and great future. And education is not only for the rich people but also to the poor person because they have also a right to have a proper education in their life. And can you imagine if there is no school or universities In our country, how was our country today? I think our country has no good and inteligent leader and I think our community is like a…show more content…
And educated people or person becomes aware of the latest technologies and keep himself more updated to all changes in his/her surrounding .Education involves better in the life of everyone to make it happy and healthy. And educated person knows well about the symptoms of any diseases because he is educated person. And education make us confident, more sociable and more responsible in our lifes. In providing good level of education, teachers play very important roles. And of all our teachers are like a heroes but not only heroes they also serves us our second parents or family because they help us all in getting good quality education and they try their best to make us learn everything for our future lifes. Our teacher come in our life to removes all of our fears, doubts and lastly to teach and help us to find a better and beautiful career in this big
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