What Is The Importance Of Education

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Education is the key of success of the person’s life. Good education makes the society have better quality life. The government built public schools each year to give the opportunity to children to be educated because education is important for the children whether they are rich or poor. The beginning of a child education early is very important because he learn how to read, write, listen and use his mind to discover and understand the environment surrounding him; and when he starts his education early it will give him the chance to discover himself and the environment early and choose and determine what he will going to be. Good education makes the person get skills, information and self-confidence from challenges that faces him during education time that will help him to build his life and his career. When a person educate well he will grow up to be a good parent, worker and citizen that help his children, family and country to be better, so a good education is a must not an option for the ministries of education of all countries to be working on to make learning ways better and available for everyone. ‘‘Improving the quality of education and encouraging student to stay in schools is a good strategy for reducing poverty and increase life quality’’ (Weber, B, and Marre, A., autumn 2007). So, education is connected directly with the country income because when the country has good educated persons they will improve the country to be better the increase their

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