What Is The Importance Of Education?

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“If excellence is possible, then good is not enough!” This was my seventh grade math teacher’s mantra. Her encouragement of excellence and love of teaching was one of the biggest influences in my decision to become a teacher. The other great influence in my career choice was my diagnosis of dyslexia in the second grade. School became a place that I strongly disliked and I oftentimes was discouraged due to the fact that everything was a struggle to me. Growing up, I attended a private school that was academically prestigious, but I was never looked at as academically gifted. Quite frankly, I thought of myself as the opposite: a student who did not fit in because my grades were average, and I had to put in much more effort to understand the material in comparison to the other students. Throughout my struggles in school, the adults I could count on were my teachers. I was fortunate to be guided by educators who taught me confidence and self-esteem as well as helped me establish a desire to pursue learning. My teachers invested not only time, but their lives, in ensuring the development and success of their students. As a result, I realized at a young age the importance of a positive influence and developed a desire to make a difference in the lives of children just as my teachers had made a difference in my life. I believe that all children can be successful if they are guided in their decision-making process, as I learned by overcoming my own disabilities. As a teacher, I

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