What Is The Importance Of English Language

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This line we used to listen from everywhere, on our televisions or in schools and universities. Even in our country which has Urdu as its official language, English newspaper is published and even we all study in English Language. What could more be a prove to this sentence. It is such a global language that proper books on English have been published in market and these books contain all the rules and regulations of studying English language.
English is an global language it is not only proved through these quotations or statements but it also proved worldwide as everyone of us wherever we go if we speak English people can understand it regardless of the fact that this language is not their mother language it’s the second language.
It is such a universal language that everyone of us either they are politicians or they are news casters or television anchors they use English language. Signs and advertisements in hotels and restaurants even the menu is also in English language. From this it is clearly understood the global importance and the universal acceptance of the English Language.
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In the same way English language also developed through cultures and through cultural rituals and norms. One of the person named Jacob Grimm once said that I haven’t seen any language other than English getting so many acceptances and language which seems to be a sort of divine language. English was called the language which never falls. From the year 1850s around the globe there were almost 60 million people which were speaking English and this rate could be multiplied by three in to this age. At the end of the nineteenth century and at the start of the twentieth century English language showed much growth due to the many social events that took place and English language during this course grew more and
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