What Is The Importance Of Food In Malaysia

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Malacca is a place full of history and beauty combined in that one single state, flowing with people of many different cultures and race which now known as one of the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. It used to be famous for its historical places such as the A’ famosa and the Stadthuys. Many years later on, Malacca has develop itself and became a tourist attraction worldwide. Malacca is a small state located in Malaysia and is currently known as the most popular area for its food and its one of the best places to find varieties of dishes that would make your taste buds ring. The nyonya cuisine which was originated from the combination of Chinese and malay cooking back in the day is different for its combination of variety of spices used in a dish such as the belacan and cumin. The nyonya cuisine is an art by itself and its recipes are a complicated affair which is impossible to be saperated. The nyonya food in Melaka are generally more sweeter, richer in coconut milk and with some combination of traditional malay spices like coriander and cumin. One can easily spot the authentic nyonya food in Malaysian by its cooking style and the word nyonya itself such as the ‘nyonya laksa’ or even the ‘nyonya fried rice’. Why nyonya food had been classified as an exotic food is because of the combination of spices used in making a dish. The blend of spices such as belacan and coriander in a dish bring out lots of flavor which makes someone crave for it even more everything

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