Why Is Gun Control Important?

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Last year, handguns alone killed 48 people in Japan, 34 people in Switzerland, 8 people in Great Britain, and 10, 728 people in the United States. This proves how gun control laws are so essential to keeping people away from the threat that guns pose to society. Although guns might be used as a source of self-defense, an increase in the number of gun control laws are necessary to lower death rates due to guns, to ban weapons that account for much of the violence, and to eliminate the misinterpretation the second amendment for one 's selfish purposes.
One reason why gun control laws are so crucial is to reduce the number of gun deaths in the United States. The mere access to guns, though for most, it is legal, can lead to grave dangers such
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Assault weapons are one of the main reasons massacres occur so spontaneously. In an article written by CHOP- Children Hospital of Philadelphia, “In a November 2017 review of mass shootings in the U.S., 95 mass shootings have occurred since 1982, from which approximately 76 semi-automatic handguns and 85 assault weapons and weapons with high magazine capacity were recovered[...] At Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. in 2012, Adam Lanza reportedly fired more than 150 shots in less than five minutes from his assault-style rifle with a high capacity magazine[...]States that restrict assault weapons also have the lowest per capita homicide rates. However, because guns are easily trafficked in interstate and international commerce, federal rules are needed,” (CHOP 4).It is evident that states that ban high capacity automatic weapons to diminish the excessive amount of deaths that appear because of them. Many mass shootings occur with the hand of weapons that should not be allowed, which again stresses the fact that gun control laws are…show more content…
This shocking statistic shows how more than others, the United States needs to take measures to ensure it peoples safety. It is truly evident that gun control laws will make a valuable difference to the lives of many. Even though the second amendment gives the people the right to own guns, one should understand the true value and responsibility of owning a gun, before taking the initiative to buy one. Gun control is the effective solution that protects the people from harm inflicted by guns. Let 's control guns before guns have the ability to control the
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