What Is The Importance Of Housekeeping

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Definition
Every type of accommodation, may be private such as house or commercial such as hotels needs to be kept clean and safe so that it looks attractive and inviting to all. The fundamental concept of housekeeping originated from keeping the houses clean and has spread over to commercial environments becoming one of the most crucial aspects in these industries. Housekeeping can be defined as the department of a hotel which focuses on providing a clean, comfortable and safe environment for the guests. It is an intrinsic part of customer satisfaction and experience. Basically, housekeeping looks after cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms, corridors, lobbies, additionally handles the services such as laundry
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• Safety and security- Ensuring safety of the guest as well as their belongings is also a major task for the housekeeping executives.

1.3 Functions
Housekeeping overall focuses on cleaning and maintaining the rooms, public areas, lobbies etc. all of this ensures promotion of a comfortable, attractive and hygienic environment for the guests. Bed-making also comes under the functions of accommodations as well as provision of guest supplies keeping in mind the modern trends and changing needs of the customers. To ensure clean and hygienic environment not only extending to hotel properties, but also to guest properties is also taken into consideration by the Laundry section of the housekeeping.

The following report focuses on the two of the main aspects of the department, one are the guest supplies and the other being the laundry supplies. It describes guest supplies, followed by its methodology and importantly the modern trends in the area stating few examples from the industry itself. The report then analyses the importance of laundry and the emerging trends in the sector for the betterment of hotel and the environment in few
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Ozone clothing furnishes hoteliers with a chance to lessen their natural effect while accomplishing noteworthy decreases in their operational expenses. The procedure includes completion of the wash cycle utilizing water immersed with ozone, rather than standard water. Bleaching so as to cloth sterilizing has been generally proficient with chlorine at high temperatures alongside disturbance. This detergent is regularly a moderate reactant at cold temperatures, so hot water is utilized as a part of routine washers to improve the oxidation response of chlorine dye. Ozone, which conveys an electrical charge, does the purifying set up of hot

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