What Is The Importance Of Ict In The Classroom

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ICT has also positively changed the way we view different cultures of the world. According to Mackay et al (2001), "Culture and beliefs are no longer confined to geographic locality but are shared and dispersed across nations and continents" (p. 68). Media stations provide information on the cultural beliefs and practices of other countries. This enables us to respect the cultural diversity of other nations; as we are now well-informed about their practices. As a result, individuals from different nations are able to work together and learn from each other despite cultural differences. Many individuals also change their personalities to include the beliefs and customs from other cultures. This affects the way they dress and how they interact in society. They are now able to choose their identity based on the customs and traditions they are exposed to. We have also benefited from the many educational and occupational changes taking place in society. Increased information in society has placed greater demands on government officials to ensure students are taught the importance of lifelong learning. Presently, government ministers have succeeded in integrating ICT into their education system in many countries. Through the integration of ICTs in the classroom, students are able to adapt to our rapidly changing society. Essential skills are taught to enable students to cope with the changes occurring in society, so that they are not deprived of information. Introducing ICT in
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