What Is The Importance Of Language Essay

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Humans are unique and social organism among all living organism and they need communication and interaction among other people in their society so language has become an important tool that humans use to communicate with each other. Moreover, language is a tool to develop and advance people lives, language learning is particularly necessary today. In some societies there are not languages used for their own, so this causes them to borrow languages from other societies instead. It can be said that human cannot live without language. Since there are many different languages that are used in one society, there comes an agreement to use a particular language as a common language to communicate in the society. In the Southeast Asia, there is the economic incorporation of the Southeast Asia countries and named it ‘ASEAN’ which are comprised of 11 countries to work together in order to mainly support the economy system and culture as…show more content…
Generally, English language can be learned in two main ways: learning by himself, self-studying through different ways depending on individual preferences, and learning in class which has become an important source of knowledge because knowledgeable and experienced teachers are the main people who serve the students knowledge so the students will learn through the teaching of the teachers which is very important and useful for the students, especially for the students who learn a foreign language as a second language which is necessary for them to learn many skills to improve their language better and the teaching methods used to meet the needs and individual preference of the students is also important because it helps develop the learning skills of the students help us know and understand how each style is different in the way they

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