What Is The Importance Of Reading Essay

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Ada (杨灵飞)
Mrs. Cary Ann Vincent
Applied English 153
26 May 2017
The importance of reading for kids
Nowadays, more and more parents pay great attention to reading when their kids are still young. However, there are still many parents do not realize to develop their kids into reading because of the thin awareness of reading they have had. In my opinion, reading is fundamental and really important for kids. It can enrich children’s lives and strengthen their analytical thinking as well as enhance themselves by gain the knowledge from books.
Reading can open up new worlds and enrich children's lives. Book is a useful way for children to learn about people and places from other parts of the world, pushing their concern for all of humanity. Besides
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When readers are reading books, it require them to think and imagine about different details in the book such as characters and plot which helps them to improve their thinking process. Books tell the whole story which obliges readers to focus on what they are reading for long periods. It will improve their concentration, thinking abilities. Besides, when the reader gets used to commenting on the plot of a book with others, he can realize the power of reading more deeply. And in a way it can let their brain work fast and efficiently when they are in trouble or emergency . “Repeating a habit of reading and persuading the brain to be more buoyant and absorb more information will give us a great beneficial.”(Editpem3,Glendale,…show more content…
Books are the ladder of human progress which has an important position in every place and era. Indeed, watching a good book is like talking with a man of noble. “Reading is the path to success in school and life. When children learn to love books, they learn to love learning.”(Laura Bush) If kids can keep the love of reading in childhood, they will embrace a more exciting and rich life compared with others who have no passion for

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