What Is The Importance Of Research In Nursing

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Research in nursing is important for the growth of knowledge and to guide and improve practice. Although it can be slow, it is a vital part of a nurses role. It improves methods of care and can help develop new ideas in the health care and nursing profession. However, to develop these new ideas, different forms of research including tests and experiments have to be carried out. The results found from the conducted research can help improve the quality of care and develop new treatments. (Langford 2001). To carry out research, a nurse requires participation from patients or clients. When carrying out research it is vital to get informed consent from the participant. We must respect the person 's decisions and choices as they have their own desires, feelings and reasons. Gilligan proposed that nurses should refrain from all actions that may cause unnecessary suffering of others, this is included in research that involves patients. (Stephany 2012). In 1979, the US National Commission issued the Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Protection of Hyman Subjects of Research. It is an extremely important resource in the field of research and ethics. It issues three basic ethical principles. these are; respect for persons, beneficence and justice. (Harris 2011) Regarding the principle of respect, the participant must enter into the research voluntarily. They must be provided with adequate information. The participant should be given the opportunity to decide what

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