What Is The Importance Of Rural Development

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Rural development is as important as urban development. Alleviating the hardships of the rural people is fundamental to rural development. Efforts at developing the rural areas are aimed at creating industries and employment opportunities. Any initiative towards this end would be welcomed with open arms in Nepal. This would also reduce the population density in the cities. They would be able to prosper in the village itself without having to think about migrating somewhere for their livelihood.
Rural development in simple terms can be defined as the process of improving the quality of life and economy in the remote and rural parts of the country. These rural areas may be isolated and sparsely populated, but, in most cases, they offer a picturesque natural setting with a rich culture. These areas have generally been dependent on agriculture and natural resources for their economic upturn. Now the local communities are taking a wider perspective, where they are seeking economic growth through tourism.
Rural tourism
Tourism is an important source of income and industry for many countries. It can be a vital economic player as it can have an effect on both the source and host countries. Generally tourism is an activity where people travel for a limited time period, which can be a domestic or international destination. This type of travelling is usually done for recreation, family or business purposes. Globally, people choose to travel to different parts of the world, and some are

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