What Is The Importance Of Science Education?

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This part presents the related literature and studies that support the main subject of the study. The researchers collected citations from past studies and literary information as basis for the study. According to Irene Mukiri Mwingirwa (April, 2015), further pressure comes in during selection of courses. Most likely, the students will prepare for their future education and career. The study quoted the statement of Orton and Frobisher (1996:1) that “The importance of Mathematics is emphasized when future employment of a child is being considered. The subject is used as a filter or hurdle possibly more often than any other subjects.” Because of this, the pressure is stressed on the teachers whether they can provide the students teaching techniques to help them achieve their goals, or not. Supovitz and Turner (2000) said the current science education reform movement emphasizes the importance of professional development as a means of improving student science achievement. This means performance is not a lone factor to becoming a prepared Science teacher and other components occupy a big part in becoming the ideal teacher, too. Teachers who have taken further education to improve will most likely teach better quality of education and even earn more. University of San Carlos Vice President for Academic Affairs Fr. Anthony Salas, SVD. MM, said that managing the impact of the educational reform on the faculty would be the biggest challenge for colleges and universities,
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