What Is The Importance Of Teacher As A Teacher

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According to the education Act Cap 211, the teaching staff in a school must be appropriately qualified and adequate in number. Teacher qualification tends to have positive effect on achievement of mathematics among primary school learners:HesehuSaha and Noonan (1978).A teacher with good qualification, appropriate training, and experience is the highest asseta school can have. A good mathematics teacher motivates, encourages, and checks, learners’ work to enhance high standards in the subject. The social characteristics of the teacher do have an influence in the learners’ learning. They also need to be familiar with young children’s social, emotional, and moral development, all of which are relevant to mathematical development.The overwhelming majority of work on teacher quality has examined the relationshipbetween teacher characteristics and learners participation at the individual and schoollevel. Hanushek (2000) in his research with regard to teacher education and experience,foundthatmajority of the cases estimated coefficient are statistically insignificant.Experience can be seen as a reliable prediction of a person’s ability to handle a certain job. According to Irumbi (1990) teaching experience is frequently included as a variable in Educational research. Kimani (1991) found out that mathematics teaching and experience and mathematics grade achieved in primary teacher examination were significantly related, the assumption being that those with high grades will be
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