What Is The Importance Of Teamwork

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Introduction Teams don’t function without teamwork. The popular French expression ESPRIT DE CORPS AS define teamwork as defined by the Merriam Webster:” the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group. Team work involves collaboration, sharing a common goal and support. A team is comprised of diverse members who contribute different ideas and skills to the project making each of the member valuable to the team which in turn makes the project to be successful. This report will discuss and look into the importance of team development, effective training principles, stages in team development, communication in teams and lastly team learning. Importance of Team…show more content…
Development is a key factor for a team as for the team to be productive and efficient it needs to grow and be developed. A good teamwork requires a lot of effort. Researches state that a team can be developed through training programs as training helps develops skills, modifies knowledge and increases competence(NIOOSH, n.d. ; Kulkarni,2013).The process of training leads to a high quality performance of the employee therefore it is beneficial for the employee and the organization(N. ,2013; Adeniyi ,1995.Team adaptation and coordination training (TACT) is a training in which team members are trained to diversify their coordination strategies to develop more efficient and systematic communication patterns. It guides the team on how to share information and also on the decision making responsibilities they have in order to increase team performance. This training significantly improved performance of the members within an organization. (Carayon, 2007).TACT is necessary in for people in commercial aviation and in surgical departments who monitor different kinds and different aspects of the equipment and the environment as sharing of information; effective and efficient decision making regarding aircraft safety and performance or, patient care as this is the place where one mistake can risk a life. Effective Training is very beneficial for team development and in…show more content…
Teams have to go through several stages of development therefore it is necessary they realize their level of development as a team (Stein,n.d.).“The most commonly used framework for a team 's stages of development was developed in the mid-1960s by Bruce W. Tuckman, now a psychology professor at Ohio State University. Although many authors have written variations and enhancements to Tuckman 's work, his descriptions of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing provide a useful framework for looking at your own team”. Talking about my personal experience last semester I had a PE group project regarding stress and anxiety, we started off introducing ourselves in group and planning our project how it will be and how will we work on it .However after a couple of meetings when we had known each other and started working conflict arose between 2 members of the group, each of them couldn’t understand each others point of view they wanted their idea to be used and were not ready to compensate therefore me and my other member had to step in and make them understand how each of them should listen to each other and we ended up with a solution that satisfied both. After the conflict ended things worked smoothly each of us understood each other well, worked hard and helped each other in order to make the project successful. Finally the time came when we presented our project, everything went quite well and we all did a splendid job and ended

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