What Is The Influence Of Money In The Great Gatsby

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During the roaring twenties, money was one of the most glorified objects all over the country. The Great Gatsby is a novel that was written about the era of fun, the 1920’s. The historical fiction novel was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to show the glorified time of the 1920’s. Throughout the novel, the effects of wealth are shown through all of the characters, some more than others. Tom and Gatsby in particular are greatly affected by wealth and income and it alters their characteristics drastically. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald is trying to say that wealth and materialism ultimately are very important, often thrown around, and can be viewed as power during the 1920’s. Money is the most talked about, important thing for people during the roaring…show more content…
Money has a different meaning depending on where a person is in the country but no matter where they are, it is going to commonly be discussed. “All they think of is money. I had a woman up here last week to look at my feet, and when she gave me the bill you’d of thought she had my appendicitis out” (Fitzgerald 31). Money is constantly being talked about and thought about and Nick was in for a shock when he traveled to New York and saw how money had a different meaning there. Where he was from, people did not spend as much as they do in New York, as well as people do do not throw big, Gatsby parties like he attends in the novel. Money was important enough to make Tom and Daisy careless people and got them out of trouble at the end of the book. Tom was partially responsible for Myrtle’s death and Wilson’s suicide and he was very
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