What Is The Influence Of The Han Dynasty And Han Dynasty

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Ancient China was the center of the ancient world because they saw themselves as the middle kingdom. Influence of 2 ancient Chinese dynasties, the Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty, was astounding, as they made new innovations and techniques in their government. Their success was largely due to access to immense amounts of resources and innovative technologies that both dynasties used to have leverage civilizations nearby, and use for trade on the silk road. Quality of life for people living under the Qin dynasty wasn’t as good as compared to people living under Han rule. The Qin dynasty adopted Legalism as the dominant source of control over the people they ruled over while the Han dynasty adopted Confucianism to give merit or family connections. These two different ideologies impacted how long their dynasties lasted, and quality for those living under their dynasties rule. Legalism was a strict legal system and harsh consequences for denying to follow their system. Legalism centered influence towards a powerful government and, most people in power favored legalism because of influence over much of the people and land. Confusionism, on the other hand, put heavenly laws over that of mans.This made laws for citizens much looser than that of the Qin dynasty. Quality of life improved under Han rule because the Qin dynasty made sure that their laws were followed with an iron fist. The Han dynasty still implied for their laws to be followed, but not as strict or with as nasty
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