What Is The Interpersonal Conflict In Mean Girls

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Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey. In the story, there are many protagonists and antagonists characters. Each character has their own conflict either it is interpersonal conflict or intrapersonal conflict. Cady- new student come from Africa, has to deal with both of her intrapersonal conflict and interpersonal conflict through Regina George's friend circle with two other girls are Gretchen and Karen. Because she tries to solve problems with it, at the end of the movie, she has actually know who's her real friend and her internal solves from there.
Cady is a home-schooled girl and never have experience about "outside world". When she moves to new school, she goes through interpersonal conflict with herself because she is trying so hard to fit in with everyone and make everyone recognize her. She also tries to be perfect in everyone's eye and tries so hard to impress a "hot guy" in the school. In her effort to get back at Regina and be the Queen Bee of the whole school, Cady loses her own individual personality and remarks in an mirror image of Regina. Cady has struggle with herself to decide whether she wants to become a better person and be herself, or become someone that is not her and always follow someone else instead
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Cady describe each one of us; she describes how we get conflict for ourselves, and at the end of the day, the one who get hurts will be yourself and people who is trust you and close to you. In the movie, Cady realizes that her values is more important than being popular, and I think the conflicts are resolve in the good way. They are not friends anymore, but they not being so rude or being mean to each other
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