What Is The Life Of Religion In Olaudah Equiano

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The autobiographical tale of Equiano Travels by Olaudah Equiano is a powerful look at one of the most prolific and interesting men of color. The narrative allows readers to get to see the world through Equiano's own personal experiences. In the book, Equiano recounts his happy childhood in Eboe his and sister's kidnapping when he was eleven. He later recounts his early time as a slave in Africa being forced to endure a torturous journey across Africa. Than being separated from his sister, and never seeing her or his family again being whisked farther away from them and into the slave trade by boat where he remained enslaved for several more years. The main purpose of Equiano book was to provide the European government with a compelling narrative to end slavery and abolish…show more content…
His narrative is one of the few that discusses the difference between American and African forms of slavery. His autobiography discusses the religious practices of western Africans, compares these practices to Christianity and Judaism, and narrates his trials as a slave in Africa. The book to me is essentially the retelling of the story that focuses on Equiano life as a form slave through his experiences as a slave and how he develops over time through his experiences of capitalism and spirituality. This is the major point of my essay that I want to focus on. My hypothesis question is Did Equiano really believe in Christianity and that God would set him free or was he simply using religion as a way of manipulating the British and American readers. Also, to further this point capitalism is major party of Equiano life I want to look at if Equiano was truly a religious man first or was he just a capitalist using religion to succeed
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