What Is The Meaning Of Fahrenheit 451

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Hurry put out the fire, don’t let it burn to the ground! Or should I say, start that fire let it burn? Fire is not good, but the firemen think it is in Farenheit 451 when they say, “It was a pleasure to burn,” (Bradbury 3). Why name the chapters what they do? Just say chapter one, chapter two, and chapter three, but instead each chapter title has a meaning behind it. What does “The Hearth and the Salamander” mean to you? If you break it down hearth means the floor of a fireplace, so to make that go with the book it would mean fire. Salamander represents firefighters. Together that would make this chapter about firefighters, homes, and fires. The Sieve and the Sand was an example of the past, such as Montag’s child hood. When Montag was
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