The House Mongoose Analysis

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In part 3 of the jungle novel, a high summer flood washed up a young mongoose by the name of Rikki-tikki-tavi. When he was was on land, he was taken home by a young British boy named teddy. A mongoose was never scared, however, Rikki(Rikki-tikki-tavi) was quite curious. He spent the whole day wondering around the house, till nightfall when he gets in bed with Teddy. Teddy and Rikki were growing closer and closer becoming very close friends. They went down the next morning to get breakfast as Rikki rode on Teddy 's shoulders. Rikki being a "well-brought-up"(10.91) mongoose dreamed about being a house mongoose, sat in everyone 's lap one after another. Later Rikki remembered what his mom (house mongoose) said to do when he came across from…show more content…
He scramled over to Darzee 's place hearing about what happened all over the garden. Darzee was in great delight as she knew none of her babies would be eaten and that they were safe.Rikki was kind of stressed as he demanded for Daree to stop singing. He told him where the eggs where located and his wife distracted Nagaina. Rikki rusheed to the nest and crushed all but one egg. He quickly moved to Nagaina in the house holding each person hostage. Rikki got her to fight, for her last egg meant anything at that point. She repeadetly striked for Rikki, despite that Rikki did his dance. Nagaina tried to keep up with him moving in circles, in moments Darzee 's wife flapped her wings in Nagaina;s face letting Rikki bite her tail. He held on to it; she carried him into the rat-hole while he was trying to stop her not knowing when she would get him.After time passeed, everybody thought that Rikki was dead, despite that he wasn 't he caame and feel right asleep where he was. As time pass by, he woke up and ate the most dinner food ever, and went to sleep peacfully on Teddy 's shoulder. Rikki was the protector and gaurdian of the jungle for many years to
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