What Is The Monologue Of Violet's Death At Lidtke Mill

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In 1894 at Lidtke Mill. Hi name is Cassadee. Here’s the story that about killed my family and me. There was a nice and odd little girl that lived across the road from me, I played with her until I was 11. Her name was Violet, she scared me a lot but one day she about took the life out of me. We were playing hide and seek then she found myself, but holding a poisonous rat up to my face and was threatening me with it . I started to scream as loud as I could, I ran home to my parents. I was crying very loudly. And they said that they were going to talk to her parents. I told her parents, but they didn’t believe me they said that they know they 're sweet little Violet and she would NOT do anything like that. So that my parents meet Violet’s parents at their house and I came along. They told my parents that she was a sweet little girl and she would never do anything like that. Then we made up; Then we left right after that and when we got home, I went to bed after. So the next day after I came home from school, I found the mill across the street on fire my mom was at work and my dad was working too. So I ran back to the school where my mom was working as my teacher. When I found her, she was grading are homework. I told her the mill was one fire, then she swiftly got to her feet.…show more content…
Then we evacuated our house. And run to the other side of the river and started to pick up pails and put out the fire. After the fire was put out I went looking for violet and she was in the fire. But she was not dead, she and her family were alive, but how could this be. There were in the fire like nothing was happening, I yelled at violet and she came out with NO burn marks no scratches no nothing! I told my mom and she became very
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