What Is The Monster's Pursuit Of Knowledge In Frankenstein

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The Monster’s pursuit of knowledge caused him to lose sight of his only purpose in life, when that purpose disappeared so did he. The Monster’s sole purpose was to have any kind of relationship and/or friendship, he spent all his time searching and fighting his creator, which is the only relationship The Monster ever truly had. In the end of the novel The Monster states, ‘But soon I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the agony of the torturing flames.” (277). Throughout The Monster’s existence he spent all his time trying to find someone compatible, and all along he had one, Victor Frankenstein. For The Monster when that lone relationship disappears it didn’t have anything to pursue or anything to look forward to. In…show more content…
This idea is seen when The Monster decides to watch the family in the cottage. Over time, The Monster learns more than what was thought possible, however he also learns prejudiced information because this is where he formed the idea that every man needs a relationship with a woman. The Monster formed this false idea that he too needed a woman to bring him the true happiness that he saw in Felix. However, monogamy of men and women is part of the natural cycle ― to reproduce. Since The Monster is not created “naturally” or not proven to be capable of mating, he does not need a relationship with a female. If The Monster did not gain knowledge from watching human interactions, but instead watching animal interactions there is a possibility he could have found happiness that way, because it is known that The Monster is not human.
Robert Walton was on the path of destruction, until he realizes the potential outcomes of his action, his realization is why Walton is the only survivor in the novel. First, Robert Walton decided to go on a dangerous voyage to the North Pole in order to discover the hidden
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