What Is The Mood Of A Rose For Emily

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“A Rose for Emily” is a short story by Williams Faulkner tells the sad story of a woman who has had an extremely sheltered life. It is tragic story in which Emily’s hope and dream for a normal life is lost. Williams Faulkner wrote this sad story that can be related to anyone who has had hope and aspirations for themselves but unable to fulfill it. Emily is kept at home by her father and is almost hide from the world. It is not said in the story but is seem like Emily’s mother is gone and no longer around. By the time Emily was born, her father is the only one who took care her and order her around until he past away. Emily Grierson is a main character in “A Rose for Emily”. She was born and grew up in the lap of luxury, her father took great care of her, and wanted…show more content…
The last paragraph tell us Emily has another personality is different from the one she show to all the town people. Since Emily’s father past away, he left her a house with full of memories when she was a little child. Nobody take care her after that day beside her butler, the day that she can not admit her father’s death. The town people felt sorry for her. Time past, she meet Homer, he came from the South (Old South) and she from the North. She love him and she want him to be a boyfriend that she lady her trust on, the one who can protect her. This relationship does not last long as she expected, Homer put out his secret and is shock Emily. He is not what Emily think he is, Homer had stated that he “liked men” (section IV) and was not a “marrying man” (Section IV) indicating that he was probably homosexual. Emily was a damaged child, and do not know how to handle situations appropriately. Again a fear of could have arose in Emily’s mind, not wanting to loose another man close to her the way she lost her father. Homer soon return to town, but soon after was never seen again. Emily has killed
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